The electric vehicle industry chain consists of automobile, clean energy, technology, and mobility sectors. Each with trillion-dollar market opportunities, NIO Capital sets out to challenge the automobile industry in an intelligent and connected way.

    The market value of car manufacturing companies listed on the Chinese stock market exceeds 1 trillion RMB (USD160B), while auto parts companies are exceeding several trillion RMB. The electric vehicle industry has both the demand and the potential to expand, with a total market value estimate that could soon exceed 10 trillion RMB (USD 1.6T). The NIO New Energy Development Fund was created to capture this promising trend by focusing on electric vehicles, clean energy, IoT, and other technologies.

    NIO Capital’s Competitive Advantage

    Unique Market Position
    With clear market positioning and distinct investment strategy, NIO Capital empowers the most promising companies with its industrial expertise and resource advantages.
    Significant Resource Advantages
    NIO Capital possesses advantages in scale from the Blue-Sky Alliance, synergies from prominent funds and industrial groups, and resources from our partnerships worldwide.
    Diverse Team
    The investment and portfolio management team consist of over 20 professionals with diverse expertise in finance, consulting, internet start-ups, and auto manufacturing.
    In the future, the auto industry will have an alliance-style competition that includes car companies, internet giants, new technology companies, and capital. We have the Blue-Sky Alliance: a circle of friends and partners for the mutual benefit of all.
    Ian Zhu
    In the next decade, smart electric vehicles will become the mainstream. The future automobile is a space of liberation - an office space, an entertainment world, and a tech device, not just a simple mobile tool with wheels.
    Junyi Zhang
    The core of an innovative business model is to redefine the user experience. Real innovation comes from using new technologies to improve the emotional connection with users.
    William Li

    Investment Areas

    Electric Vehicles and Related Technologies
    - Electric Vehicle Manufacturing
    - High-performance Electric Motors and Electronic Control Systems
    - Advanced Batteries and Control Systems
    Intelligent Driving, Mobility and Internet of Vehicles (IoV)
    - Intelligent Driving Hardware
    - Internet of Vehicles Applications
    - Emerging Mobility Services
    Clean Energy and Energy Networks
    - Energy Generation/Storage Technologies and Operations
    - Charging Pole Technology
    - Energy Network Technologies
    New Materials, Advanced Manufacturing and Others
    - Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Alloy
    - Prerequisite Materials for New-Generation Batteries
    - New Composite Materials and Nanomaterials

    With China as the industrial center and access to global technologies and markets, NIO Capital focuses on investing in mature electric vehicle and alternative energy firms and related early stage tech startups.

    • The first New Energy Development Fund (RMB) managed by NIO Capital was jointly founded by NIO, Sequoia China, and Hillhouse Capital.
    • In December 2016, NIO Capital reached a cooperation agreement with Yangtze Fund, a Hubei Provincial Government industrial guiding fund, to act as anchor investor to the NIO Capital New Energy Development Fund.