NIO Capital Wins Prestigious Awards


    NIO Capital has been recognized by both China Venture and 36Kr for the third consecutive year. In 2018, the firm won three valuable awards from China Venture and 36Kr respectively.

    NIO Capital will continue to strive for excellence and focus on finding, selecting, and building companies that reshape the automotive, energy, logistics, and technology industries.

    About China Venture:

    With over 12 years of professional research and valuable market insights, China Venture has become a well renowned Venture Capital/Private Equity (VCPE)  institution within the Chinese investment circle.

    One of the most respected ranking systems in the country, “China Venture Investment List” is widely supported and recognized by investment institutions, LPs, and practitioners.

    About 36 Kr:

    With a wide-spectrum of product lines and coverage, 36Kr provides valuable financial information services to financial institutions and non-financial institutions that serve SMBs.


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