Ian Zhu

    Managing Partner

    Mr. Zhu has vast experience in investment and business operations, focusing on finding and building companies that reshape the automotive, energy and technology industries in both China and around the world.

    A member of the investment committee, he currently is a partner of NIO Capital as well as managing the fund's daily operations.

    Prior to NIO Capital, he was managing partner of Tsing Capital and led many investments in new energy vehicles, connected vehicles, artificial intelligence, new materials, smart grid and energy storage. As one of the first investors who foresaw the opportunities within new energy and intelligent cars in the Chinese market, he led his team to invest in Atieva (Lucid), Jing-Jin Electric, Jidou, Horizon, Enevate, iView, Phononic, and various others. Many of these companies have become star enterprises in their respective fields. At NIO Capital Mr. Zhu is also responsible for fund raising, industry research, social responsibility assessment and various other tasks related to the management and supervision of the fund's operations.

    Mr. Zhu has ample experience in business and management. Previously he held roles at AT&T in America and led an advanced technical team to develop enterprise-class intelligent business systems. He was also in charge of the Chinese branch of Destinator, an international navigation software company to develop markets and sales channels and build navigation network alliances.

    Mr. Zhu graduated with a double degree in Physics and Economics from Peking University and has an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.